Ford Falcon for sale

Powered by Gen 2 Busa







Rebuilt Star Car with Gen 2 Ha yabusa engine, this is a never been raced engine. The car has all contol parts to comply with the rules to race this coming season. We have removed the 1100cc engine this car was running and upgraded to the 1300cc water cooled Hayabusa which gives a long life and very low maintainence race car. This car is the second car of the owner who is currently racing a new Haybusa powered Super Star Car. Engine dyno'd to class limit of 165bhp at the rear wheels and is completly standard spec.

Car comes ready to race with spare set of wheels

Runs an accusump oil system

in car brake bias

Aim computer management and tracking systems
MANZ log book 

Has a brand new body ready now painted in white as pictured.

The fastest and most exciting race car you will drive for the low price of $36k

Call Steve on 074 456 874 for more info