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 You may wish to race 1100cc engine class or upgrade to the newer 1300cc Hayabusa engine and run in the Super STAR Class or Premier Series TradeZone GT3/GT4 Class. These cars have the power to weight to mix it with the big boys with our fastest Hayabusa powered cars on slicks doing great lap times at all the NZ tracks.

Star Touring Cars are purpose-built front engine/rear-wheel-drive 'mini' touring cars powered by four-cylinder Suzuki motorcycle 1100 GSXR or 1300 Hayabusa engines and clothed in V8 Supercar-style Falcon or Commodore bodies. With a weight of approx 560kg means an exciting power to weight ratio.

Tyres: 205 x 50 x 15 Toyo R888 or Hancook soft slicks
Wheels: ROH Alloy 15" x 7"
Chassis: Homologated Space Frame
Suspension: Coil over Afco shocks, 3 link rear and wish bone/ control arm front.
Differential: Altered Banjo 3.08 or 3.55 ratio
Brakes: 4 Wheels discs
Body: Fiberglass
Fuel: Pump gas
Speed: In excess of 240kph

New cost is approx $45,000,

Speed, Excitement, Thrills & Fun at an affordable price - What More Can You Ask For In A Race Class ?

The cars are easy to work on with most drivers being able to maintain their cars themselves

These cars can be club raced and have had excellent results in hill climbs