No mounting points to alter.              

A.  Wheel adapters / spacers  to a max 40 mm side allowed on rear wheels.

B.  Hub offsets are not allowed, wheels must be an equal distance from frame rails on both sides of the car and be STAR Cars ltd control items.

C.  Afco  coil over steel body shocks are the only means of supporting the chassis. One shock per wheel .(or Carrera on cars 1-21) Max overall width of car at tyres 1550 mm measured at axle height.

D. No driver shall have the ability to adjust suspension from inside the car

E.  No other linkages can be added at all.

F.  Front spindles will be STAR Touring Cars control items only. (or Cortina for chassis numbers 1-21 as supplied when built).         

G: All suspension components must be as supplied by Star Cars ltd

H: Diff will be Holden or Winters as supplied by Star Touring Cars and run standard open Holden ratio 3.55  only. 

J.  Exhaust must conform to local decibel rulings. Headers / Muffler are control  items.