Chassis : As supplied by STAR Cars ltd No Alterations allowed except to mount oil coolers / fans Chassis must have original I.D. plaque Showing chassis number.

Fire Wall: must be metal and must completely seperate engine fromdrivers compartment.

Windshield: must be lexan or polycarbonate.

Dash board/ Electrical panel: Should have master electrical switch on extreme right handside as per manufacturer’s location, clearly located and marked. Accessible from out  side the car in an emergency.

Seat: Type open, but must be MANZ approved.

Seat Belts: Minimum Five point three inch race beltswith either lever lock or cam lock, must be in good condition without any fraying. 3 inch 6 Point belts may be used.

Steering: All steering components must have safety fasteners such as cotter pins or self locking nuts. Manufactured quick release steering wheel hubs are mandatory. Steering rack is to be Ford laser or Mazda 323 only

Exhaust: must conform to local track decibel rulings. Headers / Muffler are control items and can not be modified except for fuel air analyser probe or extra mount.

Brakes:  Four wheel brakes are mandatory on all tracks,Willwood overhang adjustable bias Pedal set only. Competition-type master cylinders allowed. Pad material free. Front .Willwood or USB hubs and unvented disks, F33i Callipers. Or Cortina for chassis numbers 1 –21 as supplied when built. Rear. Holden Commodore unvented VN  type disks and Holden OE callipers only .

Battery, Fuel System:

A.   Fuel pump must be mounted outside driver compartment.

B.   Fuel cell must remain in original location and be Jaz 35 ltrs, no fuel lines to pass through drivers compartment.

C.   Battery must remain in original location and be fixed down securely with non rubber strap.

D.   Star Touring Cars wiring loom is a control item and must be used along with control CDI or standard GSXR 1100 CDI 1986—1992 Part number .32900-40C30

Numbers: Car numbers must be minimum 150 mm in height and 3 cm stroke. Must be displayed on each side. Black numbers on white background.

Windscreen: 100 mm high white/ yellow car number to be displayed on top right hand side of  screen. Windscreen banner to carry words “Star Cars” or series sponsors ame only.

Wheels and Tyres:

ROH : Reflex wheels only, 15” x 7”

Toyo : R888 Proxis tyres only Size 205 x 50 x 15 Tread wear 100 tyres only.

Steering:  All steering components must have safety fasteners such as cotter pins or self locking nuts. Manufactured quick release steering hubs are mandatory. Steering rack to be Ford Laser or 323 Mazda only