Only Suzuki oil cooled  1052 cc to 1215cc engines.

A: All engines to have max 135hp output at the rear wheels by dyno sheet.

B: Gear boxes standard five speed only.

C: Original charging and starting systems must remain.

D: 36 mm Standard Suzuki OE CV Mikuni carburettors only, no electronicb connections, sensors or power valves of any type.

E:  No fuel injection, turbo, superchargers or nitrous oxide.

F: Fuel shall be Petrol, Avgas. No methanol.

G: Oil cooling free. Fans can be used to cool oil cooler or engine.

H: Only control air intake system to be used. no forced induction of any type i.e. Ram air. K & N RU2922 or foam pods.

I:  Ignition interrupters and air or elec. Shiftersare allowed.