The rules and / or regulations set forth are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish the minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and,by participating in these events, all participants have deemed to have accepted and complied with these rules . These rules are to be read in conjunction with MANZ Schedule A and should there be conflict between the two sets of rules MANZ rules shall prevail.


2016 Super Star Car Racing

Rules Of Competion

These rules have been developed to allow SUPER STAR CARS to come together for the purpose of safe, economical, fun racing and fair competition. Interpretation should be in the spirit in which they have been written to promote sportsmanship in the class and co operation between competitors to keep this a fun class to race in. Should these rules be silent on any issue, or if there is any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of these rules, this shall not in-validate them. The correct interpretation, or decisions on the silent issues when required, shall be made by the Race Organiser / Class Promoter STAR  Cars ltd. Any decision or interpretation so made, shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.


Eligibility of Cars:

To provide a safeguard for your investment in a Star Car, all cars will be listed on the Star Register to qualify for racing in this class. When Purchasing a used SC all new owners will need to notify Star Cars ltd to register their name and race number to that car.



All bodies and wings are to remain as supplied by STAR CARS (except for painting) no alteration for aerodynamic improvement, no substitutebodies, no copied panels at all. Polycarbonate right side windows are allowed must be flat and must retain access to electrical master switch via a round 150 mm hole as close as possible to master switch giving easy access. Control monsoons are allowed for each side of car: Part numbers 24673LF / 24673RF or 24673LH / 24673RH only, no home made items or substitutes. 


All cars must be presented to the scrutineer in a tidy fashion with full paint scheme (no primer and no panels missing ) no offensive signage in any form.

2: Weight;

All cars will weigh a minimum 640kg all up weight includes driver race suit and helmet to be measured at races end. Any added weight will be securely fixed against or onto cross beam at floor level under the front bottom edge of the seat.


Chassis: As supplied by STAR Cars ltd No Alterations allowed except to mount oil coolers / fans Chassis must have original I.D. plaque Showing chassis number.

Fire wall: must be metal and must completely seperate engine from drivers compartment.

Windshield: must be lexan or polycarbonate.

Dash board/ Electrical panel: Should have master electrical switch on extreme right hand side as per manufacturer’s location, clearly located and marked. Accessible from out side the car in an emergency.

Seat: Type open, but must be MANZ approved.

Seat Belts: Minimum Five point three inch race belts with either lever lock or cam lock, must be in good condition without any fraying. 3 inch 6 Point belts may be used.

Steering: All steering components must have safety fasteners such as cotter pins or self locking nuts. Manufactured quick release steering wheel hubs are mandatory. Steering rack is to be Ford laser or Mazda 323 only

Exhaust: must conform to local track decibel rulings. Headers / Muffler are control items and can not be modified except for fuel air analyser probe or extra mount.

Brakes: Four wheel brakes are mandatory on all tracks, Willwood overhang adjustable bias Pedal set only. Competition-type master cylinders allowed. Pad material free.

Note: Cortina brakes as supplied on cars 1 to 21 still elligable, Capri vented disk and Outlaw calipers allowed.
Front Willwood or USB hubs and vented or unvented disks, F33i Callipers as supplied when built,
Rear Holden Commodore unvented VN type disks and Holden OE callipers only.

Battery, Fuel System: 

A. Fuel pump must be mounted outside driver compartment.

B. Fuel cell must remain in original location and be Jaz 35 ltrs, no fuel lines to pass through drivers compartment.

C. Battery must remain in original location and be fixed down securely with steel strap.

D. Star Touring Cars wiring loom is a control item and must be used along with Control ECU (link G4 ) .

Engines: Only Suzuki Hayabusa water cooled 1299cc to 1350cc Gen 1 or Gen 2 engines engines.

A: All engines to have max 165hp output at the rear wheels by by approved dyno operators dyno sheet.

B: Gear boxes standard six speed only.

C: Original charging and starting systems must remain.

D: Standard Suzuki Hayabusa OE fuel injection system with control air box is the only approved intake system.

E: No turbo, superchargers or nitrous oxide.

F: Fuel shall be Pump Petrol only.

G: Oil cooling free. Fans can be used to cool oil cooler or radiator.

H: Only control air intake system to be used. no forced induction of any type.

I: Ignition interrupters and air or elec. shifters are allowed.

Suspension: No mounting points to alter.

A. Wheel adapters to a max 40 mm each side allowed on rear wheels.

B. Hub offsets are not allowed, wheels must be an equal distance from frame rails on both sides of the car and be STAR Touring Cars ltd control items.

C. Afco/QA1 coil over steel body shocks are the only means of supporting the chassis.One shock per wheel .1563 front/1573rear and 3563/3573 are the control parts numbers.  Max overall width of car at tyres 1550 mm measured at axle height.

D. No driver shall have the ability to adjust suspension from inside the car

E. No other linkages can be added at all.

F. Front spindles will be STAR Touring Cars control items only. as supplied when built) or cortina for cars 1—21

G: All suspension components must be as supplied by Star Touring Cars ltd

H: Diff will be Holden as supplied by Star Touring Cars or Winters BG as supplied by Star Cars ltd Ratio open, HarropTrue track or Holden LSD.

Floor: Flat floor of 3mm alloy fitted to edge of main chassis rails 900 x 1200 mm with 25 mm upturn on front edge. Rear under tray is allowed, flat 1-3 mm only fitting to chassis rails and ending at rear most end of chassis rails.

Numbers: Car numbers must be minimum 150 mm in height and 3 cm stroke. Must be displayed on each side. Black numbers on white background.

Windscreen: 100 mm high white/ yellow car number to be displayed on top right hand side of screen. Windscreen banner to carry words “Super Star Cars” Star Cars  or series sponsors name only.

Wheels and Tyres:

ROH: Reflex wheels , 15” x 7”

Toyo: R888 Proxis tyres only Size 205 x 50 x 15, 205 x 35 x 17 Tread wear 100 tyres only. Handkook Ventus Z slicks (6 tyres per season) C71 compound only

Racing: No approved Dyno sheet, no racing.

All races will be from a rolling start unless otherwise stipulated. Poll car will set the start pace 70-80 kph and no accelerating before the lights or flags signal the start, no passing until you have crossed the start line.

Qualifying: Fastest time will receive 30 points, 2nd fastest 20 points 3rd Fastest 10 points and the rest of the qualifiers to receive 5 points each which goes on the round total. Marble draw for the first race, second race will be reverse of the first race grid.

The third and last race will be highest accumulated points from the first two races starts off the back ,ie: reverse grid with lowest points scorer for the day off pole.

New Drivers will start from the back of the grid for the first meeting.

Points for each race will be:

First place will receive 200 points and then each place after that will drop five points to last place. 

1st = 200 points

2nd = 195 points

3rd = 190 points

4th = 185 points 

All starters will accrue points from the race even if they do not finish the race. Points will be allocated to the car that is entered not the driver, allowing substitute drivers to accumulate series points for the car.

Race round winner will be decided by the total points from all three races added together. Round winner will receive 200 points to be added to series points, then down by 5 point increments to last place as per each race above.

Race series winner will be decided by points accumulated over the entire race series. Points will be awarded to all cars racing at the meetings as long as they have entered on to the track under their own power and face the starter, cars arriving that are not deemed to be race ready by the race co-ordinator, will not get points even if they face the starter.The results of all but one round will be tallied for the final result, but the dropped round points may be used to finalise a series winner if there is a draw

Engine Controls:

All engines will have a max 165hp as measured at the rear wheels.

Dyno sheets will be affixed to the cars log book and be undertaken by approved dyno operator ( D-Tech Tauranga ). The engine number must be included on the dyno sheet and the engine must retain the seal affixed at time of dyno. Any broken seals will deem the engine to illegal and will not accrue points for the meeting / meetings it remains unsealed. Any driver has the option to protest a cars horsepower at a race meeting, a protest fee of $250.00 will be lodged. The Race coordinator will notify the protested driver, on the dummy grid of the final race, and the car in question will be taken directly to the area designated by the class coordinator at the end of the race without any of the cars crew being able to interfere with it.

If the car is interfered with on the dummy grid or on route to the coordinator all the series points will automatically be stripped.

The car will be taken by the coordinator to an approved class dyno operator and checked, if found to be within the class horsepower limit it will be handed back to the owner.

Note: Only approved Data acquisition systems can be used. Random dyno testing could be undertaken to ensure the legality of all competitors.

If found to be running over the class horsepower limit the owner will incur a Five hundred dollar ($500.00) fine payable on return of the car and the protest lodger will be refunded their fee from this, the remainder will cover costs of the dyno testing and transport etc. If a car is found to be over the horsepower limit the driver of that car will also be stripped of all series points up to that point and have to restrict the engine to comply, then supply a new dyno readout sheet.

Control Parts:

Chassis: by STAR Cars ltd

Body: by STAR Cars ltd

Monsoons: 24673LF / 24673RF or 24673LH / 24673RH by STAR Cars ltd

Suspension: by STAR Cars ltd

Differential: by STAR Cars ltd

Anti Roll Bar: by STAR Cars ltd

Pedal Box: Willwood overhang only

Shocks: AFCO/QA1 small steel bodies only 1563 front/1573 rear and 3563 front/3573 rear

Front spindles: by STAR Cars ltd

Front Brakes: disks unvented or vented USB or Willwood as supplied by STAR Cars ltd

Capri Front callipers: F33i USB or Willwood as supplied by STAR Cars ltd outlaw on cars 1—21

Rear disks: VN commodore type, reverse gear cut by STAR Cars ltd

Rear Callipers: Commodore VN –VT

Fuel cell: 35 litre Jaz fuel cell

Steering Rack: Ford Laser or Mazda 323

Exhaust: Headers by STAR Cars ltd Muffler by STAR Cars ltd may have probe fitted

Wheels : 15 x 7  inch only

Tyres: TOYO R888 tyre wear 100 only,Handkook Ventus Z214 C71 slicks are 6 tyres per season

Engine : Suzuki GSXR 1300 hayabusa Gen 1 or Gen 2

fueling : Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa injection only

airbox : Star Cars supplied only with no modifications.

Drive Shaft: Slipper joint 2 piece by Star Cars ltd

Drive Flange: As supplied by STAR Cars ltd.

Cush drive : as supplied by Star Cars ltd

GSXR 1100cc cars run to the same rules as the Hayabusa powered cars except for engine at 135hp at the rear wheels.

No modifications to be made to chassis or body unless agreed to in writing by STAR Touring Cars ltd.

Only cars with log books supplied by STAR Cars ltd ( i.e.: STAR Cars as original owner ) will qualify to race in this class. If any replacement log books are needed they must come from STAR Cars ltd, these will be charged at MANZ cost price, this will ensure that no cop-ies of a STAR Car Chassis are built and try to race in this class, our aim is to keep all cars the same , this is one of the ways we aim to safe guard your investment. Valid from 1.2.2015