We started the class to make racing safe affordable and with the lowest running costs to help you race more, lets face it, more racing miles is what makes us happy.

So the cars run only one set of slicks per season, Toyo R888 wet tyres only front and rears are the same so you only really need a spare for if you get a puncture.

Brake pads are lasting from one to two seasons, with fuel use of 20—30 liters per meeting, oil changes each meeting or two, no major costs.

Engines depending on how you treat and maintain them, go for 30 plus meetings before needing a refresh... We aim to have a fast fun class, a place for those to enjoy racing without needing a huge budget to be competitive. With over thirty cars built and the last being built to the same specs as the first, this is a class where your race car won’t get out dated and you won’t lose value.

Bringing the fun into racing without breaking the bank.